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Alonzo Deck Resurfacing offers decorative concrete in Los Angeles and a decorative coating of natural pebbles mixed with a two-part epoxy system that is installed over your existing concrete. There is a large assortment of natural colors and sizes to choose from. Cracks, gouges, and uneven edges in your existing surface can easily be covered and save you money by not having to replace the original concrete. Epoxy pebblestone is durable for driveways and smooth enough for pool decks. This decorative system in California is great for commercial concrete resurfacing and residential concrete resurfacing alike, as it is extremely durable and will last for many years to come. Our experienced installers in Southern California will add years of visual beauty and value to any property.
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Decorative Concrete in Los Angeles

The application of decorative pebblestones brings new life to your existing concrete floor in much the same way as decorative concrete overlays. Whether your concrete in Los Angeles is severely cracked or is just getting ragged around the edges, let us know what you want done. We offer free design consultations upon request, just call us at 1-888-31-CRETE. We currently service the great area of Southern California. Call us today and let us help transform your patio or floor into a beautiful foundation.